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Testosterone is the main male sex hormone (androgen). It is made mainly in the testicles. In women, the ovaries and the adrenal cortex produce low amounts of testosterone. Production and secretion of testosterone are through a hormone of the brain, the luteinizing hormone, controlled.

Testosterone is off by enzymes and rebuilt. This produces among other things Androstendione and Androsterone, Androstandion dihydrotestosterone, which is more effective than testosterone.

Testosterone in the male body is responsible for the following:

-Development of the sex organs (prostate, testicle, penis)
-Training of typical male sexual characteristics (hair, deep voice, specific fat distribution)
-Male Habitus
-Seed production

In women, testosterone causes a general masculinization (Virilization) and an increased sex drive (libido).

Testosterone causes either in both sexes:

-Promote bone growth in the age of growth
-Increase in lean muscle mass
-Lower cholesterol
-Increase of the protein structure

A number of particular genetic disorders are associated with abnormal testosterone levels. Testosterone is used therapeutically if many malfunctions. In addition, it serves as doping substances in sports.

In which cases is the testosterone level determined?

Testosterone is determined by:

-Developmental disabilities
-Suspected genetic disorders
-Many types of cancer

Because the testosterone level varies considerably, the values are about 20 percent higher than in the evening, in the morning the blood between seven and nine o’clock in the morning should be removed.

Testosterone deficiency

The sex hormones in men over their knees go mid-40s. Several millennia ago that failed to grasp, because of declining hormone levels roughly coincided with the natural end of life. Today it is different, the average life expectancy has almost doubled. Actually the male body over the decades involved quite well – up on testosterone. The concentration decreases continuously from the mid-twenties and menopause to men. That the Lords of creation by the ‘ menopause virile’ are even quite affected, has known for years.

ADAM discovered

Sexual health professionals found a new name for the phenomenon, and provided hard facts to explain in recent years: ADAM stands for androgen deficit in the aging male, so sexual hormone deficiency of the aging man. The hormone deficiency affects all men, even those who are perfectly healthy.

Natural aging processes ensure that the specialized Leydig cells are less and less by the highly effective substance in the male testes with the years. Power loss, no desire for sex, bleak mood and bone resorption are the consequences. Many investigations brought this evidence directly to the testosterone deficiency in conjunction.

Top 25

The peak of testosterone wealth is around the age of 25. He was mid-90s proud 11.4 billionths of a gram per milliliter (ng/ml) of blood serum, as Vermeulen, the Belgian duo of hormone researcher and Kaufman. From then on it’s downhill, evenly, and 1.2-percent increments every year. With 75 years of just half left, the scientists calculated.

But not all men begin the descent of high output values. In addition, the effectiveness of the hormone in various places in the body of man to man is very different. The concentration of 3.4 ng/ml considered normal value. Medical call about what lies beneath lowered testosterone levels. About seven percent of the 40 up 60 years and more than 20 percent of over 60 men are hormonally below this value.

Hormone boost for ‘Men of lack of’

That the situation is not entirely clear and not alone the testosterone deficiency for the Exchange year symptoms is responsible, a U.S. study found: Andrologist at University of Pennsylvania (United States) are trying to improve symptoms, hormone replacement therapy remained their successes far behind expectations. Not muscle or bone density were in the studies by Prof. Peter Snyder especially influence, although again the testosterone levels of healthy 20-year were achieved by hormone patches. Apparently, the men hormone is just a piece in the mosaic.

And with regard to the power problems, which, after all, more than half of the over 50 complains: only in ten percent of cases had to solely blame the testosterone, the American Massachusetts study found for the ‘ aging man ‘ (Massachusetts aging times study, 1994). Most of the time, the causes are complex. Very close relationships seem to exist however between inner life and sex hormones. The hormone deficiency symptoms range from discomfort and sadness about nervousness and irritability to anger and depression apparently. These conclusions were Californian hormone researchers at the University of Los Angeles from a cross – hormone replacement in 51 psychologically battered ‘men of lack of’.

Get only the recipe

If you want to get only the recipe, this will be sent to you by post to the address you selected in USA and UK. The delivery may take up to 1-2 weeks. You can redeem the recipe directly at a pharmacy of your choice. You pay only the medical fee (consultation incl. recipe). To pay the drug, then even at the pharmacy.

Important: The recipe offered here can differ due to differing availability of trade mark in Germany from the pictured product. The active ingredient is always the same.

Testosterone deficiency

Aging is human, but too old to feel a conscious choice is under the pharmacies cooperating with testosteronegel.online or drugstores offer a wide range of testosterone products this motto.

How is the diagnosis made, that someone no or only insufficient testosterone produced?
It is often difficult to make a diagnosis, because the complaints of a man with a low testosterone levels often not evident. It is easier, however, to make the diagnosis that a man produces no testosterone. Also the causal research is quite difficult and in some cases even no cause can be found.

Some of the symptoms that can occur when a low testosterone levels are:

-No more good you feel in your skin.
-Less desire for sex, and in some cases of erectile dysfunction.
-Reduced muscle strength and muscle mass;
-Increase in fat mass (more abdominal fat);
-Reduced body hair (such as less beard growth).

How does the increase of testosterone?
Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. A testosterone deficiency, it can be filled by plaster or gels. They give off a certain amount of testosterone through the skin and the body then absorbs it through the blood. More usage notes, see the package insert of the product…

Testosterone Gels

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